How we help funds succeed

Here’s how we help funds to succeed:

  • Our teams of analysts in London and New York continuously collect first-hand, real-time insights from institutional investors, including large banks, pension funds, funds-of-funds and family offices.
  • When an investor’s allocation strategy matches the investment characteristics of a client fund that subscribes to our bespoke service, we facilitate a connection.
  • We combine this targeted “match-making” with advanced CRM technologies, consistent client communication and marketing support services.
  • Our client funds use Murano either as their primary / sole marketing initiative, or to supplement their own in-house capabilities.
  • Regardless of size, our client funds maintain the professionalism and brand stature that’s often lost through cold calling and other marketing tactics.

By leveraging accurate, real-time market intelligence, Murano reduces the time and costs involved in raising assets, and increases the likelihood of an allocation.

What do our clients say about us?

The Murano team consistently delivers well screened leads.

Murano consistently delivers well screened leads and accurate information on potential investors.

We are going through DD with 6 investors because of Murano.

Investor relationships drive our franchise

Murano’s business model is relationship-driven, and very different from the traditional 3rd party representation of fund managers:

  • Our franchise is based on understanding the needs of investors.
  • We have NO economic interest in the funds we represent.
  • We do not promote or sell any funds.
  • We do not identify our client funds to investors.
  • We are highly selective in the funds we choose to represent.
  • We limit the type and number of funds that an investor is in contact with.

We’ve earned a reputation within the asset management community as a reliable and knowledgeable resource that’s changing the way investors find and connect with fund managers.