Careers at Murano

As a specialist business, our employees are regarded as our most valuable asset. At Murano, we foster a nurturing environment where each employee is given a chance to flourish through extensive on the job training and great exposure to an industry which is seemingly impossible to get a foothold in. We care about individual development, and will work tirelessly to help employees reach their goals and make each role their own.

What sets us apart from other companies is that at Murano you will not find a carbon copy grad scheme, or someone who’s set in their ways. We are a young dynamic team and open to learning new ways to make our business better. There is a steep learning curve, especially in your first few months here, which will give you a competitive advantage through direct experience in the industry.

We work in a collaborative environment where there is a strong sense of team spirit. We don’t seek specific educational backgrounds, but take a wholistic approach and work with individuals who are passionate, committed and driven. We look not only for candidates who are eager to build on their experience gained thus far, but also those who are new to the industry and ready to pave the foundations of a successful career.

Current openings

  • Investor Analyst (London)

    This is an ideal position for a candidate looking for an entry into the world of asset management, and specifically for someone with an interest in hedge funds.