Simple math demonstrates our tangible value for funds

Consider the underlying factors for traditional asset gathering methods:

  • 3rd Party Marketers extract a retainer, a commission, and management or performance fees, often in perpetuity. Perhaps more importantly, funds give away control over their brand reputation.
  • Cap Intro services have limited capacity, and are often unable to be of help to smaller or lesser known funds.
  • In-house initiatives, in addition to salaries of marketing professionals, this can involve costly road shows and other prospecting meetings.
  • Investor conferences require hefty sponsorship fees, as well as ancillary costs including travel, accommodations and socializing. There is often little connection between conferences and allocations.

Based on very conservative assumptions of costs and close ratios (explained in greater detail in our brochure) here’s how the cost of sale of traditional fundraising methods compares with Murano’s bespoke matchmaking service:

Estimated ticket cost

Features & benefits of our services

Our client funds receive a range of services designed to foster asset growth. There are no other traditional methods or competitors that can compete with Murano’s quality of service, or the return on marketing investment we deliver.

  • Designated research analyst

    Designated research analyst

    Who has a first-hand understanding of your fund
  • Detailed investor reports

    Detailed investor reports

    Consistent with your fund's targeted investor audiences
  • Weekly updates

    Weekly updates

    To keep you informed of all research and market activities
  • Monthly review sessions

    Monthly review sessions

    To ensure that we're on track and delivering value
  • Sales support and training

    Sales support and training

    To increase your fund's conversion rate