Our key principles

Murano’s operating philosophy and internal culture are driven by 7 key principles. Individually and collectively, these principles will provide you with some insight into our value proposition as a business, and a good sense of what’s important to us as people.

  • We seek to build our 
client’s business, not ours.

    The phone research we conduct, the connections we make and the investor meetings we generate is simply the process we apply. For us, what matters most is the end result of those efforts: to help our clients build their business. If we don't help our clients grow their business, we'll be unable to grow our own business.
  • We work harder to keep clients
 than we do to acquire new ones.

    Building our business and reputation means keeping the clients we have, and keeping them happy. Although we want to grow our business, we are not a “sales-based organisation.” Fund distribution is a long-term game, and we must have long-term relationships with our clients to remain in the game.
  • We value honesty as the key 
factor in business success.

    We operate in honest fashion at all times with our fund clients, and with the investment community. We also strive to be honest with ourselves, which means we are always open to criticism internally and externally. This culture of honesty ensures the loyalty of our funds, investors and our employees.
  • We act in a confidential manner 
at all times.

    Honesty does not mean total transparency, because in our industry, discretion is vital. Our employees are bound by confidentiality agreements. Client funds are never disclosed to investors. Conversations are always private, unless permission is granted by the beneficial owner.
  • We are guided by an underlying sense of integrity.

    We will not compromise the quality of our services, accept unethical incentives, or tolerate conflicts of interests with our stakeholders for monetary gain. 
Nor do we wish to do business with clients that do 
not maintain similar standards of integrity. Our reputation is important, this industry is small, and 
we work hard to avoid compromising our brand name.
  • We believe we are all in this together.

    Businesses never succeed based on the efforts of one individual. Every employee is critical to our success and without teamwork, neither the dreams of our individuals or the company will be achieved. Respect for each other and the ability to work as a team are crucial. We believe in meritocracy, not hierarchy.
  • We take a long-term approach 
to decision-making.

    As a privately held company, we are able to take a 
long-term view. That’s why we are very selective in 
who we hire; knowing if they succeed, our clients and our company succeeds... both in the short- and long-term. Our priority is clear: with the right team to deliver a quality product, profits will follow.