Denise Buckenheimer

I believe that every moment counts, and every single person matters and can make a difference. My parents escaped communism in Eastern Europe and while I spent the majority of my early life growing up in the deep South, culturally I was raised Italian. Nowadays, having worked in this city for many years, I am proud to consider myself a true New Yorker. Diversity is in my blood.

Somehow I missed the computer science/engineer gene that most of my family possess, but I was always a good problem solver, and have always enjoyed meeting new people. While I was in an asset raising role at an FX focused CTA, I spoke to lots of different investors and tried a multitude of different routes and methods to identify and connect with new contacts. When I became a Murano client and started using the service, I suddenly became aware that there was a better way.

I joined Murano in 2018 to focus on building out our US manager base. This role allows me to follow my passion in connecting the right people with the right product. I am fortunate enough to hear first hand from huge variety of different managers, what makes them tick, and what makes them unique. I am humbled to be a part of the Murano team and contribute to our exponential growth.