Molly Blincow

When I was little I loved to play both hands of a card game on my own. I was interested in the way the two sides played out in the game. I loved numbers and problem solving. Later I studied maths and economics.

There was a strong work ethic in my family. The focus was on service and the importance of integrity. My mother came from Detroit and worked in the automotive factories to put herself through University. My father is a doctor. When I was a teenager I worked on a biodynamic farm, of which I am still a shareholder.

Throughout my University years I worked in customer service for Hertz in London. I was fascinated with the complex task of moving and distributing cars around the country under pressure and on time. I also loved the chaos in the holiday periods where customer queues would snake down Edgware road.

Working at Perfecta Partners with Ole, I learnt about Asset Management and the world of Hedge Funds. Later, he invited me to help develop Murano. I love managing the Murano research team and helping to set the tone in the office. At heart, it is all about customer service and delivering the best product to our clients.