Who we are

Our team of research analysts, technologists and client service professionals are dedicated to delivering the highest level of excellence to the client funds we serve, and to the investors we rely on for insights.

Senior management

  • Ole Rollag

    Founder & CEO

    My great, great grandparents were Norwegian immigrants from Rollag, Norway. My grandparents left South Dakota for New Mexico after WWII. As a young veterinarian, the only job my grandfather could find was working as an agricultural veterinarian in rural New Mexico. He took his wife in a Model-T with $25 dollars to get there. He lost his wallet in Oklahoma and had to ask his dad for a loan to make the trip.

    25 years later, he made good after lots of hard work. He was honest, friendly, and ultimately successful. He is my role model.

  • Molly Blincow

    Managing Director

    When I was little I loved to play both hands of a card game on my own. I was interested in the way the two sides played out in the game. I loved numbers and problem solving. Later I studied maths and economics.

  • Amelia Davies

    Managing Director

    Joining Murano at its inception, my move across to the sales side of the business was through natural progression. As an analyst I experienced first-hand all of the nuts and bolts that hold the firm together. Murano is a place where everyone teaches each other, and everyone has their own unique skills and contributions. We will always be fairly small so the value each employee can bring is immeasurable, you must make the position your own.

  • Tom Reeves

    Head of Research

    “Education got me out of poverty and that is why we sent you to that school!”, is how my grandfather, a WWII veteran from the highlands of Scotland, scolded me when I complained about boarding school. I was 7 years old when I got a scholarship to a boarding school nearby and that is where I grew up. It was an upbringing which is thought of as archaic nowadays but what it taught me was self-reliance and independence.

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