How the 3rd Party Marketing Model has Broken Down

t the turn of the century, the hedge fund industry had only a couple hundred funds and a limited investor base of maybe 200-300. Third party marketing (3PM) was an effective way for a manager to promote their fund. It was also a good time for the marketer because they typically knew the investors well, understood what the investors would buy, and business was pretty decent all around. Then, after the tech bubble, a lot of investors were disappointed with the equity markets and started to look at other investment vehicles in order to make returns. Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Structured Products and the like become very popular. At that time, it was a seller’s market. Many established funds could decide who came in and on what terms. […]

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What Makes a Good Fund Salesperson?

eak with people looking for fund distribution jobs. We also have an equal amount of fund managers looking for good fund distributors. When a fund is looking to hire, we ask about their requirements and what level of seniority they want in a candidate. In theory, finding a good business developer should be easy. However, in practice it is a lot more difficult than one would think. […]

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How Fund Managers can get more out of Client Meetings

n order to make sure that we maintain our relevance to our clients at Murano, we try to meet with them every month or so and follow up on all the investor research that we provide. What has become apparent is that although we are very good at helping our clients get those first meetings, we have noticed that there is a wide dispersion of ‘follow up’ after those first meetings. Typically we expect that after 10-15 new meetings, one should lead to further discussions like due diligence, etc. We don’t think that the dispersion is because of the size of the fund or performance, etc. Yes, this plays a role and it is noticeable. However, we think this is because of the way our clients follow up. […]

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