Established in 2011.

We have over 35 employees collectively working to understand what 3rd party fund allocators need. We work with 120+ managers from across the industry, ranging from esoteric, offshore funds to ETFs looking for allocators. Our fund clients encompass the entire spectrum of asset classes, across both private and public markets.

What we do best.


We are in regular contact with thousands of investors globally and have over 200 meaningful allocator conversations a day. We know what investors are looking for and, more importantly, when. Our fund clients benefit from a saving in prospecting time, contacting investors at the opportune moment.


We are the only matchmaker in this industry. The service is not an automated algorithm, we operate on the foundation of relationships. We don’t actively sell or market the funds. We call and listen to investor needs and match them with our fund clients’ characteristics. Investors are only connected with relevant funds, helping them with manager selection and reducing traffic from unsuitable funds.

How we do it.

Our fund clients receive qualified referrals to make contact with each week. These investors have expressed an interest in their fund type. The cold calling and pre-screening have been done by us, providing our clients with warm referrals.

How we help funds.

With Murano, managers waste less time and energy identifying investors, allowing them to focus on meaningful dialogue and good quality referrals. Murano helps funds to get noticed in an extemely competitive market.

What describes you best?


If you allocate to third party funds, we are here to help you identify new opportunities and reduce the traffic from unsuitable funds. We have no economic interest in the funds we work with, only looking to connect you with a small number of managers where there is a match.


If you are looking for new investors, we are here to help you build your business. We do not sell or represent any fund, purely focusing on prospecting.


“Murano’s superior connectivity enables our small fund to cast a wide net.  Their platform amplifies our internal business development”

A US Equity L/S Tech focused manager, +$300m AUM

“As a US PERE fund manager with a small capital development team, we hired Murano to leverage their outreach to US-based RIAs and FOs. The Murano team was able to provide us with valuable insights into this target investor base.”

A US PERE Fund Manager

“We’re long-term clients of Murano. Outsourcing lead generation through their capital introduction service allows our IR department to operate cheaper, better, and quicker. Our analyst at Murano is literally a part of our team and over the years we’ve been able to penetrate new markets thanks to their work”

“Murano has been providing me with a consistent flow of high caliber new leads for some time now which has complimented my own efforts to expand my investor base.  For me it means I have consistent traction in developing new relationships (ie a solid forward pipeline) while focusing on deepening existing relationships.”

A US Private Credit manager, $10bn AuM

“The reports that Murano has been sending us are all tailored for our specific needs, which are very helpful. Apart from that, we really appreciate the weekly calls with Murano, during the calls, we could constantly align your goals and exchange feedback, which makes our collaboration very effective and efficient!”

An Asian Equity Market Neutral Arbitrage manager based in Hong Kong, $110m AuM

“Murano offers an innovative, cost effective research service that has proved to be a terrific asset for our marketing team. Their lead generation is consistently relevant and of high quality. It is for this reason that we have expanded their scope of services with us.”

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