A little about us.


Why we do it.

We know every decision you make matters; that your business success is on the line with each choice made. We also know that each decision comes at a cost (strategic, opportunity and/or financial). Particularly, when they are material:

  • Your decision to develop a new strategy,
  • your decision to promote a fund,
  • your decision to branch into new markets.

These types of decisions can be exceptionally expensive, costing you millions of dollars, particularly if they are wrong.

Murano has witnessed many great funds struggle to raise assets, and even failing, when they needn’t have. We believe good fund managers deserve the chance to succeed even when they are not good business managers. Many managers do not have the market research knowledge or proposition development skills, but this does not make them unworthy of investment.

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Why Murano Connect?

Very few companies have access to the exclusive data sets and insight we do. With over 40,000 data points accumulated, the depth of our information is unparalleled when viewed from an individual investor level, but also on a macro level. Better yet, our relationships are active, therefore our data is always relevant and constantly expanding. We have the information necessary to add value to your decisions.

Moreover, many companies do not have the insight into allocator decision making. At Murano we think like allocators because we have been allocators. Our consultants are ex-allocators: investment selectors, portfolio managers and research analysts. Each consultant has worked across a range of asset classes, styles and geographies, ensuring they have first-hand experience and knowledge of selecting and buying investment products across client types. This investor perspective is invaluable to your asset raising success.

These untapped data insights combined with our allocation expertise generate pragmatic viewpoints. These viewpoints result in actionable recommendations which translate into an increase in your future revenue generation; you will be investing in yourself.

Proposition Assessments

Murano’s impartial appraisal can provide clarity and guidance to challenging business decisions, helping you make the right choices for your business.

  • Opportunity cost evaluation
  • Fund acquisition guidance
  • Business strategy assessment
  • Merger and acquisition review
  • Initial seeding advice

Investment Strategy and Positioning

Our allocator expertise and unrivalled data set allow us to provide a candid perspective on your investment proposition.

  • Competitor/peer review
  • Investment Strategy audit
  • Business Development audit
  • Marketing/branding audit
  • Platform-onboarding assistance

Market Insight and Analysis

Murano has a wealth of data available to identify market trends and opportunities that will help your business succeed.

  • Market evaluation and assessment
  • Target market analysis
  • Opportunity appraisal
  • Allocator appetite, insight and feedback

Bespoke Consulting Services

Tailoring our services to our clients and providing a relevant service is imperative.

Therefore, our bespoke services are just that – highly tailored to solve your specific challenges.

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