Why we do it.

The growth of the industry has meant that there are now 40K+ institutional allocators globally, whose mandates may change frequently. For a fund salesperson or team, there is a huge universe to cover. Just because an allocator was not interested in meeting 6 months ago, does not mean they may not be today. Understanding who to speak to, when to speak to them, and how to reach them with a warm referral is increasingly valuable.

Why Murano Connect?

Murano gives managers a vast amount of coverage across the allocator universe, without detracting anything from their own internal sales process. Since 2011, Murano has been speaking with investors to understand their allocation preferences and requirements, and we have been building our network every week since. Working with Murano allows our fund clients to target investors at the right time, armed with the information they need, with the understanding that Murano has already spoken with them and pre-qualified them for the fund.

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