This policy is intended to provide disclosures on how professional allocator information is used by Murano and our fund manager clients. It supplements, and should be read in conjunction with, the MuranoPrivacy Policy.

Core Service

The core business of Murano is to provide a matchmaking service to both fund managers and professional allocators. This service is designed to be an industry-friendly way for both asset owners and asset managers to connect in a thoughtful, efficient way. We realise that professional allocators get bombarded with tons of email and phone calls from managers who are legitimately inquiring whether you may have an interest in allocating to their strategy, but who may not know your current mandates, preferences or constraints. Murano is a service that attempts to make prospecting easier for everyone.

As a matter of principle, only a maximum of four non-competing managers will get in touch following your conversation with Murano, unless you tell us otherwise. Murano is not regulated by any financial regulatory agency. Murano does not get paid off the back of any sale/purchase of any fund, nor does Murano endorse or recommend any fund or strategy. The fund managers are solely responsible to decide to act on any information transmitted from Murano to the fund manager. Murano is a paid subscription service.

For the avoidance of doubt, Murano only provides information to the fund manager as a service to identify relevant professional allocators on a best efforts basis. Fund Managers are in complete control of whether they decide to act on this information that you provided to Murano and that they have the relevant permissions to market/sell in the relevant jurisdictions and/or investor profiles.

Report service

From time-to-time, we will contact you, typically via phone, in order to discuss your company’s investment outlook, activities and current mandates. If the information is relevant, and you agree for this information to be passed on to relevant managers, Murano will write a report and send it to typically up to 4 managers in a PDF via email. We are always happy to show you the report should you request it.

Personal data we hold about you

Personal data means any information about an individual from which that person can be identified. It does not include data where the identity has been removed (anonymous data).

We may collect, store, and use the following categories of personal data about you:

  • Contact details such as name, job title, company addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses.
  • Personal data you provide during our conversations with you, or through our correspondence with you, as we keep written records of those.
Your information is logged in a CRM

We provide a CRM system with notes of past asset owner conversations (i.e. our call notes) to our manager network.

Our fund manager clients have all agreed contractually to very strict terms on how this information can be used. For one, they have agreed not to use the data to bulk email allocators. Secondly, they have agreed not to share this information outside of their firm. Both acts would be in violation of many UK industry regulations (such as GDPR) and would also be counter-productive to what we are trying to achieve.

The reason why we think this is beneficial to the industry is that sometimes, we may get it wrong; or the asset manager may have identified something that we didn’t pick up on when we spoke to you.

If you do not want to be included in the CRM, but wish to use only the core service, please do let us know and we will take your details off the client CRM. If, at any time, you suspect one of our managers is misusing our information, please get in touch with us immediately either via one of our analysts or via

Lawful basis for processing

Our lawful basis for the use of your personal data as described in this policy is the pursuit of our legitimate interests of operating and expanding our business activities lawfully.

Data retention

Your personal data will be stored by us for a maximum period of 6 (six) years, after which time it will be erased from our records.

International data transfers

In certain circumstances, we may transfer your personal data to countries outside the UK. Details of the circumstances and mechanisms in place to ensure these transfers are made in accordance with the data protection legislation are set out in the Murano Privacy Policy.

Your rights in relation to your personal data

Your rights in relation to your personal data are described in the Murano Privacy Policy, so please do refer to that for further information.

Investor Updates

To give some colour on the market, we provide a news feed made up of short one-line sentences broadly detailing what asset owners are looking for. These headlines are only company specific.

Bulk Data

Occasionally and upon request, we may send or receive bulk data that we believe legitimate for our managers business. For example, we may receive a conference attendee list or identify a list of contacts for a manager traveling to your city. In these cases, data may be sent via a password protected Excel document.

Market Research

From time to time, we may use the macro data that we have gathered from asset owners in order to pick up on trends or perhaps identify a need for certain product launches, etc. This research is not asset-owner specific and is meant to be used in a way that is beneficial for the industry as a whole. Information provided is anonymous.

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January 2024