Catharine Rose

I joined Murano in 2023, having spent the early years of my career at RAB Capital, Hermes Fund Managers and Bridgepoint, before relocating to Australia where a long-standing passion for health and wellness alongside a desire to create and build something from the ground up took me down an entrepreneurial path. Having built up and […]

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Andrew Eglinton

Growing up in Scotland in a small coastal town, and being naturally very competitive, I fell in love with playing sport from a very young age. The values that embody being part of a team; commitment, work ethic and humility, all resonate strongly with me. These are principles that I hold dear in my day-to-day life. […]

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Magentha Mahendran

Having been born and raised in Switzerland, I made the best choice to move to England in 2009 to study English. While studying Computer Science at Royal Holloway University in London, I worked part-time as a barista at Costa Coffee. This often fast-paced environment required a high level of customer service. I’ve always been good […]

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Doris Brkic

My family and I moved to Australia after the Yugoslavian war and I grew up watching my parents work hard to enable a better life for myself and my sister. I always maintained a strong connection to Europe and so after I graduated I decided to travel here for a one-year working holiday. Needless to […]

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Denise Buckenheimer

I believe that every moment counts, and every single person matters and can make a difference. My parents escaped communism in Eastern Europe and while I spent the majority of my early life growing up in the deep South, culturally I was raised Italian. Nowadays, having worked in this city for many years, I am […]

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Amelia Davies

Joining Murano at its inception in 2011, I have worked across both the research and business development arms of the firm. It is nostalgic to think back to the early days of the company, where just four of us were crammed into a tiny office, working to create and build something a bit different, and […]

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Tom Reeves

“Education got me out of poverty and that is why we sent you to that school!”, is how my grandfather, a WWII veteran from the highlands of Scotland, scolded me when I complained about boarding school. I was 7 years old when I got a scholarship to a boarding school nearby and that is where […]

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Ole Rollag

My great, great grandparents were Norwegian immigrants from Rollag, Norway. My grandparents left South Dakota for New Mexico after WWII. As a young veterinarian, the only job my grandfather could find was working as an agricultural veterinarian in rural New Mexico. He took his wife in a Model-T with $25 dollars to get there. He […]

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